High School Education:
We teach the state core curriculum that is required for a high school diploma.

Middle School Education: 
We offer 7th and 8th grade classes.

Academic Service Learning:
One of the programs that separate CASMAN Academy from other schools is our focus on “hands-on” learning. This typically occurs when our teachers can find a connection between their curriculum and some project in the community. Examples of the teaching style include our successful community blood drives, career fairs, salmon in the classroom project, and the design and building of the Maxwelltown Park, to name just a few.

Students create and implement these programs from beginning to end under to tutelage of the teachers and involved community partners. This hands-on approach helps bring the curriculum to life and shows students real-life applications for classroom lessons.

Special Education:
CASMAN Academy offers a special education program for its students who qualify. We have a certified Special Education teacher  who helps students to reach their full potential.

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