CASMAN Virtual Academy

Welcome to the CASMAN Virtual Academy, where we take pride in providing a non-traditional learning opportunity for CASMAN Academy students. Our goal is to help young people stay in school, successfully learn, and graduate prepared for life.

The CVA is not a separate school, but a program to support the learning of CASMAN Academy students in an online capacity.

CASMAN Virtual Academy FAQs

1. What are characteristics of a successful CVA student?

Successful CVA students are self-motivated, have great note-taking and study skills, are organized, possess great time management, and are problem solvers. Although students enroll in the program for various reasons, these qualities are needed for overall success.

2. How do the students access their courses?

Students access courses through an online platform at home. Students take all Unit Tests and End of Course test at the CASMAN Academy building during school hours.

3. How many hours are students expected to work per week?

On average, students who are successful in the program work 16 to 20 hour a week on their courses. Students are expected to complete work daily in the online platform for attendance and consistent enrollment.

4. What online platform is used for academic courses and how do students know what course to take?

Currently, students use Edmentum (PLATO) for their online courses. The Registrar provides the courses needed for individual students, based on their transcript and credit summary review. Students earn a high school diploma, issued from CASMAN Alternative Academy, when all requirements are met.

5. Do the students receive academic support outside of their online course information?

Academic support is limited. All CVA students are required to check in with their Mentor on a weekly basis, either by telephone or email.

6. Does the program support college and career preparation?

Students can attend college visits and career field trips offered to all students. Additionally, students are able to make appointments with the College Advisor to help with preparation.

7. Is there a cost to attend the CVA?

There is no cost for full-time enrollment in the CVA.

8. Is transportation to the CVA provided for students?

No. Students are responsible for transportation for Unit Test and End of Course tests that need to be taken at the CASMAN Academy building.

For more information about the full-time CASMAN Virtual Academy program, please contact us at (231) 723-4981.

The first step to becoming a CASMAN Virtual Academy student is to enroll

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