Winter Smith 10-15-13

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Winter Smith, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here next to the sign naming the school circle drive in her honor. Winter, a frequent Student of the Week, was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, "She is on top of her game in my room.  She is constantly making sure that her grades are caught up and she strives to earn the best grades that she can.  Winter is also taking college classes while attending high school as a junior.  She is working very hard to accomplish great things while carrying a great outlook on life.  She is also a great volunteer around school helping out whenever she sees the need, and stepping in often times before she is asked to by an adult",  "She obviously focused on her grades and future, she is one of the best role models we have in school. She enjoys helping any way she can, she is very respectful and a good person", "She is always focused and working hard. In fact, it is not unlike Winter to keep going on an assignment, even after I've graded it... because it "just isn't done yet". Her positive attitude and helpful personality make her a model student. Winter is a role model; as a student and as a respectful and mature young adult", "Winter is one of the students you can easily identify as going places. With her innate intelligence, kind personality and deep work ethic she really has it all. Not many High School students keep immaculate grade points, attend college, hold down an evening job and still keep a smiling attitude".