Sierra Ronning 1-23-14

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Sierra Ronning, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here on the snowbank that has started to engulf the street sign naming the school drive in her honor. Sierra was nominated by the staff and teachers at CASMAN Academy with comments like: "She has been kicking butt in Odyssey... even though it is difficult for her to grasp some of the concepts on her own - she sticks to it and finishes so much in a week... she may give everyone a run for the Queen of Odyssey crown!! She is also always polite to staff, even when she is stressed out. She keeps herself out of the drama, and is a positive (and well dressed!!!) student!", "She is being extremely responsible and she is advocating for herself.", "Sierra does very well for me in Biology!", " Sierra is thoughtful in her writing for English class.  She is very polite, and friendly to staff and students alike.  Sierra has an easy smile and a friendly attitude.  She is always worried about her grades and making sure that she has her assignments in on time, or ahead of time.", "I have only had her in class for two days, but from what I have observed, she is pleasant, polite, and respectful..." and "Sierra has a nice tendency to look out for others without being overbearing.  She seems to have a good grasp of being part of a team and sees the need for avoiding "me first"  behavior."