Joe Walters 11-1-13

posted Dec 13, 2013, 7:37 AM by
Joe Walters, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here next to the sign naming the school driveway in his honor. Teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy chose Joe for this honor with comments like; "He is ALWAYS working on his math problems. Always asking for help, and always has a positive happy outlook", "Joe has made a real turn around in my class from the beginning of the quarter. I see him generally putting in more effort. He takes work/reading home when other students choose not to and is constantly asking me what he can do to improve his grades", "Joe is doing a fantastic job in my room.  He is continually asking about the work to be completed and what he can do to bring his grade up.  He participates in class discussions and works well with other students in class.  Joe usually has a positive and helpful attitude", "Joe Walters has really been rocking out the PreAlgebra work recently.  He is a hard worker who is willing to take the extra steps needed to achieve success.  He is pleasant in and out of class and is always friendly with peers and adults.  Joe has a great sense of humor and is always ready to make you laugh", "Joe is active in class, attempts his work and sometimes completes it and has a good attitude.  He is nice to those around him and I too, am discovering his humor.