Greg Cloutier 12-3-14

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Greg Cloutier, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here shivering in front of the sign naming the school driveway in his honor. Greg was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, " He is a very respectful, hardworking student.   He stays busy and asks to work ahead when he completes required work ahead of time.   He always asks for help when he needs it and is very kind and polite to peers and staff members.   He is a wonderful example of the students we would like to have and also, the kind of individual that we want to represent our school in the community.   He has volunteered to help out in community activities and is always eager to help his fellow students as well", " Greg is always smiling.  His cheerful personality is contagious and he brings a great attitude to all his endeavors.  He always puts in his best effort and goes the extra mile when it's needed.  Greg is a great student and role model!", "Greg Cloutier is the first to move forward with a smile when things don't go his way.  He tried to complete classes on line last year and would have liked to continue it that way this year. When I explained it did not seem to be in his best interest, he was disappointed but accepted it. I believe that for the first time in his school history, his attendance is good, he believes he can achieve and he will stick with it.  He is also one of the most generous and kind kids I have met." and "I think Greg would be an awesome choice and is just a sweet, helpful kid!"