Drake Danks 11-20-13

posted Dec 13, 2013, 7:53 AM by dmajor@manistee.org
Drake Danks, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here on one of the last beautiful days this year, next to the school driveway, renamed in his honor. Teachers and staff said of Drake, "Drake is someone who cares deeply about equality, and strives to raise awareness within his school peers.Drake is artistic and funny, he is someone who's positive attitude is contagious to fellow students.", "Drake is an intuitive and inquisitive student.  He is always asking great questions and thinking deeply on the topics.  Outside of class, he is funny, joyful and loyal to his friends. ", "Drake is an asset to our school.  He has served as an ambassador for CASMAN on a local morning radio show by being interviewed.  Confident, positive and expressive!", and "Drake is one of those students that you hardly ever notice. He just gets things done and keeps his studies going.