Chris Atkinson 3-18-14

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Chris Atkinson, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, stands blinded by the bright sun next to the street sign designating the school drive in his honor. Chris was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, "He is always respectful when talking to him...He is trying extremely Hard to GET AHEAD credit wise...He is always asking what more he can do...Chris is always on top of his own grades and does not rely on me to tell him what he is missing..He is accountable for his grades & work, and is never involved in drama that takes place in school. Chris takes responsibility for his grades and work, & has never made excuses for his grades....", "He has finished an unbelievable amount of work this quarter while holding down a job.  He is polite and kind and is a quiet, great example", "He is all of those things and hardworking in class.   He was the only student fully caught up in my Chem class as of yesterday", "He is a very hard worker and isn't satisfied with just passing his classes, he is always striving for A's and asking what he can do to earn more credit. Like Others said, he is kind and polite in the classroom but also seems to be doing well in other areas of his life (work and friends). I think that he has his priorities straight but still is able to have a lot of fun; this is a positive and realistic example for other students!", and "Chris has such a great demeanor! He's the smiling co-worker that you always enjoy working with. I can imagine that he will have a tremendous life, just on the basis of his positive attitude."