Cameron Parks 3-27-14

posted Mar 27, 2014, 8:32 AM by
Cameron (Carl) Parks, The CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here next to the street sign at CASMAN Academy naming the school driveway in his honor. Cameron was selected by the Staff and Teachers at CASMAN Academy with the following comments: "Cameron has matured tremendously since last year...He is happy and students really enjoy being around him.. Cameron has taken ownership for his grades and trying his best to make responsible decisions...When he has not wanted to complete an assignment, he has decided to get it done instead of saying "forget it" like a lot of times last year...Cameron continues to put forth effort even though he faces challenges that most of our students don't understand & don't have to deal with.", "I nominate Cameron for persevering through and completing a paper for me.  For anyone that knows Cameron writing is his biggest challenge.  He has also stepped out of his comfort zone to go above and beyond by befriending classmates and peers.  Cameron is a good representative of the positive things of believing in yourself and then doing what you try to do.  His good attitude and sense of humor have been an asset to my classroom this year.", "I'd like to nominate Cam as well. He's been working very hard in my room lately and it's paying off for him. He refused to settle for just a passing grade this quarter and has worked his way up to a B!", "Cameron Parks has taken it upon himself to stay connected to the YAC group on behalf of CASMAN.  He has matured and it is a pleasure to watch him interact with students from other schools.  He is always polite and respectful to me and others as I have observed.  He's also using his sense of humor in a positive way.  I think he represents our school well as student of the week".