Alyssa Novak 12-4-13

posted Dec 13, 2013, 7:56 AM by
Alyssa Novak, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here next to the street sign naming the school driveway in her honor. Alyssa was selected by the staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like: "She adds a level of calm to the areas that she is in. Works on her assignments and is progressing fast in her online work. She is enjoyable in classes and always eager to help other students, "She is a wonderful role model and is always willing to help others while still completing her own work", "Alyssa Novak has been on our radar for SOW multiple times, it is about time she is recognized for her responsible, mature, friendly, and helpful demeanor. She works diligently, and is always willing and happy to help students and staff alike", "Alyssa is Awesome!  She's diligent, friendly, helpful, and always ready to hand out some humor.  She is a well-deserving student of the week.  She's a great role model and mentor for the younger kids here", "Alyssa is on top of her game and looking to the future. She is friendly and easy to get along with.  She is helpful to other students and adults alike.  I enjoy having Alyssa in my class, she has a sense of humor, and also understands when it is time to work and be serious" and "Even though I do not have her in class, she was the first person to come into my room and say hello!    I wish I did have her in class".