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Greg Cloutier 12-3-14

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Greg Cloutier, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here shivering in front of the sign naming the school driveway in his honor. Greg was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, " He is a very respectful, hardworking student.   He stays busy and asks to work ahead when he completes required work ahead of time.   He always asks for help when he needs it and is very kind and polite to peers and staff members.   He is a wonderful example of the students we would like to have and also, the kind of individual that we want to represent our school in the community.   He has volunteered to help out in community activities and is always eager to help his fellow students as well", " Greg is always smiling.  His cheerful personality is contagious and he brings a great attitude to all his endeavors.  He always puts in his best effort and goes the extra mile when it's needed.  Greg is a great student and role model!", "Greg Cloutier is the first to move forward with a smile when things don't go his way.  He tried to complete classes on line last year and would have liked to continue it that way this year. When I explained it did not seem to be in his best interest, he was disappointed but accepted it. I believe that for the first time in his school history, his attendance is good, he believes he can achieve and he will stick with it.  He is also one of the most generous and kind kids I have met." and "I think Greg would be an awesome choice and is just a sweet, helpful kid!"

Donna Hamilton 11-12-14

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Donna Hamilton, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week is pictured here next to the sign that names the school driveway in her honor. Donna was selected as this weeks's student by the teachers and staff of CASMAN Academy with comments like "
 She's been working so hard to get passing grades in all classes. She is polite, kind, and a pleasure to have in class", "She has really focused in on her goals and narrowed down her steps to reach them.  Her positivity is shining through in her attitude and her interactions throughout the school.",  "Donna has really put her personal successes squarely on her own shoulders.  She takes ownership of her learning and is always striving to be the best she can be.  Outside of class, Donna is always smiling and always friendly with her peers and teachers alike" and "She is focused and on a positive track moving forward with her education.

Kayla Atkinson 11-3-14

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Kayla Atkinson, the CASMAN Academy Student of the week, is shown here standing next to the sign designating the school driveway as named in her honor. Kayla was nominated by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, "
She is an excellent example for her peers and her smile is such a welcome addition to the classroom everyday.   She is polite and courteous with her fellow students and VERY patient.   I'm so glad she is a student at CASMAN this year!", "Kayla is an excellent student.  She keeps up to pace on her work and is always cheerful and friendly in the halls.  She is never a disruption and is helpful in any way she can be.  Kayla is the type of student that goes above and beyond what is expected, because she's committed to learning, and committed to her own personal growth" and "Kayla Atkinson is a model student. She stays on task in class, she asks for help when she needs it, and she goes above and beyond to make sure she is getting credit for her classes. She is a bright, cheery, friendly young lady, who treats staff and students alike with respect. She is a joy to have in class, and is  a worthy recipient of this award!".

Dustin Bradley 10-22-14

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Dustin Bradley, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here next to the street sign naming the school circle driveway in his honor. Some of the comments made by the teachers and staff include, "
He has, since the beginning of the school year, had an incredible work ethic. He is on task during class, he actively chooses to use his free time to catch up or finish work, and he is always polite and respectful to staff and fellow students", "He currently is passing all classes with nothing lower than a 79%", "Overall, he's rocking this first quarter!" and " Dustin has been thoroughly engaged in Algebra class.  He's participating in all discussions, completing every assignment, and taking advantage of all possible extra time to finish his work". 

Cameron Parks 3-27-14

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Cameron (Carl) Parks, The CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here next to the street sign at CASMAN Academy naming the school driveway in his honor. Cameron was selected by the Staff and Teachers at CASMAN Academy with the following comments: "Cameron has matured tremendously since last year...He is happy and students really enjoy being around him.. Cameron has taken ownership for his grades and trying his best to make responsible decisions...When he has not wanted to complete an assignment, he has decided to get it done instead of saying "forget it" like a lot of times last year...Cameron continues to put forth effort even though he faces challenges that most of our students don't understand & don't have to deal with.", "I nominate Cameron for persevering through and completing a paper for me.  For anyone that knows Cameron writing is his biggest challenge.  He has also stepped out of his comfort zone to go above and beyond by befriending classmates and peers.  Cameron is a good representative of the positive things of believing in yourself and then doing what you try to do.  His good attitude and sense of humor have been an asset to my classroom this year.", "I'd like to nominate Cam as well. He's been working very hard in my room lately and it's paying off for him. He refused to settle for just a passing grade this quarter and has worked his way up to a B!", "Cameron Parks has taken it upon himself to stay connected to the YAC group on behalf of CASMAN.  He has matured and it is a pleasure to watch him interact with students from other schools.  He is always polite and respectful to me and others as I have observed.  He's also using his sense of humor in a positive way.  I think he represents our school well as student of the week".

Chris Atkinson 3-18-14

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Chris Atkinson, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, stands blinded by the bright sun next to the street sign designating the school drive in his honor. Chris was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, "He is always respectful when talking to him...He is trying extremely Hard to GET AHEAD credit wise...He is always asking what more he can do...Chris is always on top of his own grades and does not rely on me to tell him what he is missing..He is accountable for his grades & work, and is never involved in drama that takes place in school. Chris takes responsibility for his grades and work, & has never made excuses for his grades....", "He has finished an unbelievable amount of work this quarter while holding down a job.  He is polite and kind and is a quiet, great example", "He is all of those things and hardworking in class.   He was the only student fully caught up in my Chem class as of yesterday", "He is a very hard worker and isn't satisfied with just passing his classes, he is always striving for A's and asking what he can do to earn more credit. Like Others said, he is kind and polite in the classroom but also seems to be doing well in other areas of his life (work and friends). I think that he has his priorities straight but still is able to have a lot of fun; this is a positive and realistic example for other students!", and "Chris has such a great demeanor! He's the smiling co-worker that you always enjoy working with. I can imagine that he will have a tremendous life, just on the basis of his positive attitude."

Brittany Mears 2-12-14

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Brittany Mears, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here amidst the huge piles of snow that ring the sign naming the school drive in her honor. Brittany was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like, "Brittany works hard even through the most difficult of assignments.  She comes to class prepared and ready to get down to business.  She's never afraid to ask for help and is always on top of her workload.  She is generous with her classmates and is always respectful in class, in the halls, and at lunch", "Brittany does a great job of focusing on her assignments and trying to be proactive at doing her work.  She doesn't hesitate to ask for things to be clarified, or to identify when she is struggling with a concept in class.  She is helpful, and friendly to the staff and her peers", "Brittany is always on top of her grades, and various school policies. She is one of the best students at consistently checking her grades, and keeps a running tab on how she is doing, and what's next."

Sierra Ronning 1-23-14

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Sierra Ronning, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is pictured here on the snowbank that has started to engulf the street sign naming the school drive in her honor. Sierra was nominated by the staff and teachers at CASMAN Academy with comments like: "She has been kicking butt in Odyssey... even though it is difficult for her to grasp some of the concepts on her own - she sticks to it and finishes so much in a week... she may give everyone a run for the Queen of Odyssey crown!! She is also always polite to staff, even when she is stressed out. She keeps herself out of the drama, and is a positive (and well dressed!!!) student!", "She is being extremely responsible and she is advocating for herself.", "Sierra does very well for me in Biology!", " Sierra is thoughtful in her writing for English class.  She is very polite, and friendly to staff and students alike.  Sierra has an easy smile and a friendly attitude.  She is always worried about her grades and making sure that she has her assignments in on time, or ahead of time.", "I have only had her in class for two days, but from what I have observed, she is pleasant, polite, and respectful..." and "Sierra has a nice tendency to look out for others without being overbearing.  She seems to have a good grasp of being part of a team and sees the need for avoiding "me first"  behavior."

Hailea LaCarte 1-16-14

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Hailea LaCarte, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, shudders against the cold as she stands next to the street sign naming the school circle in her honor. Hailea was selected by the teachers and staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like; "She has excellent grades in my room and consistently brings a positive attitude and good work ethic to class. Hailea is engaged and is always prepared to answer questions in class discussions.  She is a great self-advocate. Hailea has used our Flex Friday system to the fullest; she successfully earns most Fridays off but occasionally comes in on Fridays and when she's here, she's all about cranking out the work. Her humor and upbeat personality are a positive addition to the classroom. She is truly a leader amongst her peers and I am always glad to have her in class. Today she even told me that her New Years Resolution was to stop swearing in school!", "I think her positive attitude and friendly demeanor make her a wonderful role model for other students. She is also someone who is incredibly self-driven. She holds herself to her own standards, and by golly she is going to accomplish what she wants!!", "Hailea is working ahead in my class - and is also very encouraging to other students who are struggling.  Hailea has proven time and again that she is a positive role model for her fellow students.  She is very helpful to students and staff, and she always has a sense of humor to support herself and others throughout the day.", and "Hailea is a great student!  She is always keeping up on her work and is never satisfied with a standard response.  She is a deep thinker who considers multiple angles to a problem.  She works great with others and is always willing to offer up insight and encouragement."

Alyssa Novak 12-4-13

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Alyssa Novak, the CASMAN Academy Student of the Week, is shown here next to the street sign naming the school driveway in her honor. Alyssa was selected by the staff at CASMAN Academy with comments like: "She adds a level of calm to the areas that she is in. Works on her assignments and is progressing fast in her online work. She is enjoyable in classes and always eager to help other students, "She is a wonderful role model and is always willing to help others while still completing her own work", "Alyssa Novak has been on our radar for SOW multiple times, it is about time she is recognized for her responsible, mature, friendly, and helpful demeanor. She works diligently, and is always willing and happy to help students and staff alike", "Alyssa is Awesome!  She's diligent, friendly, helpful, and always ready to hand out some humor.  She is a well-deserving student of the week.  She's a great role model and mentor for the younger kids here", "Alyssa is on top of her game and looking to the future. She is friendly and easy to get along with.  She is helpful to other students and adults alike.  I enjoy having Alyssa in my class, she has a sense of humor, and also understands when it is time to work and be serious" and "Even though I do not have her in class, she was the first person to come into my room and say hello!    I wish I did have her in class".

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