Graduation Requirements

CASMAN Academy follows the requirements for high school graduation determined by the State of Michigan. The following credits are required MICHIGAN MERIT CURRICULUM (MMC) High School Graduation Requirements

Language Arts  4 credits
English Language Arts 9   (1 credit)
English Language Arts 10 (1 credit)
English Language Arts 11 (1 credit)
English Language Arts 12 (1 credit)

Social Studies  3 credits
World History and Geography (1 credit)
U.S. History and Geography (1 credit)
Civics (.5 credit)
Economics (.5 credit)

Mathematics 4 credits
Algebra I  (1 credit)
Algebra II (1 credit)
Geometry (1 credit)
One math course in final year of high school (1 credit)

Science, 3 credits
Biology (1 credit)
Physics or Chemistry (1 credit)
One Additional science Course (1 credit)

Visual, Performing and Applied Arts (1 credit)

Physical Education and Health (1 credit)

Spanish (2 credits)

General Electives (4 credits)

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