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"I heard that CASMAN didn't have the sufficient number of kids the school needs to go on.  When I heard this I was scared because I realized how much CASMAN Academy really meant to me. Let me explain why.  I have been home-schooled my whole life; it's how I was raised and I liked it.  I have been to other schools too, though.  I went to a boarding academy and let me tell you, there were a lot of negatives.  I like how the people at CASMAN don't curse a lot, and how I have never seen a fight at CASMAN, and one thing that I've noticed is that the people at CASMAN respect each other and seem to have more of an understanding for each other.
I just want to say that CASMAN isn't just the only school where I've actually been able to learn, it's the place where I see my friends.

My name is Dacota Ross
Please make our school possible :)"

"People who say nothing but negative things about CASMAN have no idea. CASMAN is beyond one of the best schools I've ever gone to, and when I graduate, I will walk around with nothing but pride. Every teacher and staff member here deserves an award. Seriously, like I don't even know how to explain how much everyone here means to me. It may sound weird coming from a student, but words cannot describe how thankful I am for everyone here."

"So many people at CASMAN smile everyday; so you know everyone is happy. When you see someone smile, you know there is love. Everyone here loves each other like family."

“When I went to the high school nobody knew me, everyone would just push me around. I felt like a ghost, everyone went right through me. I was really lonely, only had one person there for me, and he was my only friend at the school. At CASMAN, I feel close to everyone. Everyone here acts like we are one big family. Everyone here is there for each other. People stand up for each other. I feel like I belong here.”

“One of the best things about CASMAN is how the staff's main focus is the students. They give you every opportunity to be successful in the class. And there is the Credit Recovery in Odyssey that also helps students get caught up on their credits they are missing to graduate on time.”

“CASMAN is small, but it's got heart. It feels like home, and for the first time in my life... I don't dread getting on the bus in the morning.”

“At Manistee High School I felt alone. There were so many people, the teachers didn't take the time to get to know me and I felt like I was just helpless. But now, I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. I have support!”

“At CASMAN everyone is like family. We do things together and all the teachers know your name; even the students do!”
“The teachers are all very understanding. They don't want you upset. If you have a problem or need help, they're right there to help and talk or calm you down. They are all there for you. They will help if you need it.”

“No other school will ever have the perfect staff we have here. Coming to CASMAN changed my whole attitude and outlook on life. Everyone here has helped me so much. Coming here, I was expecting the 'usual'. Being 'just another student'... Boy was I wrong! Everyone was so welcoming and sweet. There were points in time when I wished I didn't have to go home; but I could always ask teachers for help and advice and not feel stupid.”

“Here the teachers help me all I need. They make me believe I WILL have a successful future. I am not just another student.”

“What I love most is the fact students are close to teachers. Its like a family bond here. No one gets left out, everyone gets treated with equal respect. They truly care about how we feel and our feelings. Us as students individually are cared about.”

“If it wasn't for this school never giving up on me, then I would have flunked out of high school by now. They have always just been so supportive towards me.”

“The teachers 'get us'. On Mondays we're all tired and not ready to start. The teachers understand that, and even though they don't cut us any slack. I feel that they understand.”

“When I found out I couldn't ride the public school bus, the principal himself came to me and helped me find a solution. I really felt that I was important. Everyone here is treated the same way.”

“I love being able to be myself here. Not feeling as if I were going to be judged or looked down upon. For once I can walk into my school and be me. Joking and laughing with teachers; something I could never do before. CASMAN is just truly amazing.”

“Teachers work with you. Say there is NO WAY you can do this assignment... whether it's too difficult and you just don't understand it, or you just feel like you can't do it. Teachers will work with you, adjust the assignment guidelines or do whatever it takes to HELP you turn the assignment in. They won't just “leave you hanging” or leave you out in the dark. THEY ACTUALLY HELP!”

“A couple things that I really like about CASMAN is when we would finish a module we would have a CASMAN Council. At the CASMAN council we would discuss anything from what we need to improve, what were our thoughts on certain things, and our grades. They, staff, would name off the people who were on CASMAN Complete (anything above an NC) and the honor roll (all A's and B's). And for the first time, I was on the honor roll almost every module I would be. And when you were on the honor roll, you got a bracelet. And another thing I like is our street sign. Every few weeks the teachers will pick one student who they think has done their 100% best. They get their name on the sign, a picture standing next to it, and put in the News Advocate. I have been on there once.”

“At CASMAN, we have a special room called RTR. I think RTR was a perfect idea. We go there if we are being disrespectful, when we're late, if we are just having a bad day, or anything else. I have gone in there a few times due to some problems. And if you need to get something out, Henry is always there to listen. And lets you get it out. Sometimes he will just sit there and be quiet and listen. Other times he will give you as much advice as needed... Mrs. V, Mr. Beaumont, and Kimberly are really amazing listeners too.”

“We're like a family. That means when theres drama we, AS A SCHOOL, fix it together. What family likes to have beef? (Beef: slang for conflict/problems)”
“Before CASMAN, I went to Bear Lake School. At Bear Lake, I had gone from kindergarten to 8th grade. And throughout that whole time I was treated so poorly. Not only did the kids gang up on me for not being pretty and skinny, but the teachers also did because I had a tough time learning and wasn't like my sister; an A+ honor-roll student. Then I came to CASMAN and everything changed. The teachers and the students treated me like family. Cameron, the principal, was absolutely amazing. And the homework is so much easier for me to understand.”

“Students here (who act their age) are treated like adults. We have our own responsibilities and WE have the power to either be successful or fail.”

“Our Dean of Students is a HUGE benefit to coming to CASMAN. Henry pushes each and every student to try in school, early college, and try in anything/everything we do as a student. He pushes us to turn in college applications, and to do good in school. He doesn't let us mess around and thats what CASMAN is about... we don't mess around.”

“Going to CASMAN has changed my life in so many ways. CASMAN has helped me get my life on track. When I started going to CASMAN I started aiming for pure success. I'm more successful now than I ever have been in my life because I had the help from CASMAN.”

“Flex Friday helps me out a lot. When I have all my work done I can take a day off school and have sometime to go to work at my job. Also, if there's ever a time where I want to get caught up, I can come in on Friday at any time before 12, do what I need to do, and go home.”

“And my last and favorite part about CASMAN Academy is that they accept you no matter who you are. For example, being a teen parent. The staff here are understanding that you have other priorities along with school and taking care of your family. They are patient with you and help you anyway that they can. I am very thankful that my school is helping me get back on track. And most of all thankful for Mr. Shearer. Between my 8th and 9th month of being pregnant last year, he helped me out by driving me to certain places to get ready for the new arrival. As a Christmas present he bought a brand new baby chair that played songs and vibrated. It was perfect. I love when the staff asks how my son is doing. It makes me feel great that they actually care.”