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About Us

 CASMAN Academy

Your future is now!

CASMAN Academy, is a  public charter school. Our charter is held by the Manistee Intermediate School District (ISD). 

CASMAN  provides a highly innovative education program to students in grades 7-12. With a student/teacher ratio of 15-1, students and parents looking for a highly personal form of education can find it here. CASMAN is at the forefront in terms of its use of technology in educating our students. 

CASMAN uses a pro active approach to helping students fulfill their goals and aspirations. We discuss their future plans and re-visit their goals frequently to make certain they are remaining on the right track. CASMAN has established a solid track record of preparing students for life beyond high school.

CASMAN’s personal approach, small student/teacher ratio, and use of technology,is helping many students find success and confidence.

We teach the same core curriculum classes required by the state of Michigan for a high school diploma.

If a traditional educational setting does not meet the social, emotional, or academic needs of your student, CASMAN is the school that can help.

At CASMAN, we firmly believe that education is the key to the future. Our teachers have the right to teach, and our students have the right to learn

Vision Statement

CASMAN Academy has a dynamic school culture based on high achievement which provides an exceptional educational environment for students and staff. All CASMAN Academy students graduate (many with Honors) and are instilled with a passion for learning; taking that passion to the next level of their educations. All students receive financial assistance from the school to help with furthering their education.

CASMAN Academy staff is recognized as expert and accorded this type of treatment. They regularly receive requests to share their educational insights at conferences and seminars. They are inspiring to others. CASMAN Academy entertains many visitors each year who want to witness our educational environment first-hand and to learn from us.

Parents choose CASMAN Academy because they see the positive outcomes and are looking for the highest standards. Parents fully understand our methodologies and expectations and embrace them. Parents make frequent visits to CASMAN Academy to receive personal updates on their student’s progress.