Current Posting

Dean of Students

This is a part-time, school day/calendar position (End of Aug. to First week of June).  

Hours per week will average 32.5


Preferred Skills/training:

Successful experience working with At-Risk youth and parents

Successful experience with and using the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP)

Excellent communication skills

Must have good phone and computer skills

Must be willing to be a team player

Must be able to maintain a calm presence and attitude during stressful situations

Experience with PowerSchool, or the ability to easily learn a new program

Must be able to pass a background check


Minimum requirements: A high school diploma, but prefer someone with a degree and work experience in education, social work, counseling, or criminal justice.


We are looking for someone to run the Responsible Thinking Program at CASMAN Alternative Academy.  This position requires the interested candidate to work directly with at-risk youth who are often times defiant and lacking social skills.  The position requires the candidate to have strong rule-following skills, and the ability to be a mentor to students, without becoming their friend.  Being a good student advocate, as well as a mediator and communicator are essential for being a successful Dean of Students.  The Dean of Students is the main disciplinarian at the school, and fosters positive communication between students and other staff members, as well as parents.  This position requires accurate and timely record keeping. The Dean of Students schedules busses, and is the go-between person for the school and the different bussing services that the school utilizes.  Understanding the geographical layout of the county would benefit the candidate well, in this aspect.


The Dean of Students also works with high school seniors to complete post-secondary activities including, filling out college applications, FAFSA completion, TIPP eligibility, scholarship applications, and college campus visits.  The Dean of Students often works with the high school seniors to encourage them in their pursuits of post-secondary options whether it be employment, trade school or training, college, or military.


The following are some aspects of the Dean of Students to give potential candidates a better understanding of the overall expectations.  Training and professional development are provided throughout the school year as well.


Administer the RTP discipline process


CASMAN Academy uses the Responsible Thinking Process© as our disciplinary model for addressing disruption problems in the school and classroom. The Dean of Students instructs the staff in the methods of using this model, provides additional training for special circumstances, and stays up to date on any changes that occur with the process. Also, the actual process is administered by the Dean of Students, including the collection of behavioral referrals from the staff, the directing of students to find alternatives to the disruptive behavior, approving or suggesting corrections for student plans, scheduling of teacher meetings with students, retrieval of all signed paperwork and any other segment of the process that arises.  This process also includes entering the referrals into the Log Entry system within the PowerSchool system in a timely and accurate manner.


Contact parents regarding positive and negative student actions


As one of the main contacts with our students’ parents, the Dean of Students reaches out to parents in a variety of circumstances: informing parents of positive/negative school behavior, congratulatory notes to parents about their child’s status, telephone calls about missing/absent students, informational exchanges about personal circumstances, etc.


Assist students with plans for academic and behavioral success


In the context of the Responsible Thinking Process, the Dean of Students assists students in preparation of their plans for academic and behavioral success. This includes brainstorming with the students about solutions to difficulties, suggesting alternatives to ineffective or unrealistic plans,  rejecting poorly thought out plans and vetting the students’ solutions for ideas that contain reflection and possibility.


Mediate conflicts between individuals at the school


If individuals at the school are experiencing interpersonal conflicts, the Dean of Students acts as an independent mediator to resolve these problems. In the situation where a solution is not agreed to by the parties, the Dean of Students autocratically imposes a solution.


Monitor students when not in classes


When students are not in classes, the Dean of Students interacts and monitors the students. This may involve the 45 minutes prior to school, the time after school before students enter their busses, the lunch period or intervals between classes. The Dean of Students also monitors students that are out of classes on restroom passes, verifying their behavior is consistent with expectations.


Promote positive actions leading to improvements in school culture


Using a variety of methods and mediums, techniques aimed at improving the overall culture of the school environment are introduced, refined and monitored. These include scripted contacts with students, reminders of expected behavior by staff, solicitation of special award nominations, writing and submitting press releases, and corrections of inappropriate interactions. Additionally, as a staff team member, these same techniques are modeled and exercised to improve student connection/relationship.



Engage in discussions with students about plans for their future


The Dean of Students encourages students to adopt a future-oriented view of life through initial orientations with incoming students, ongoing conversations with students about their changing goals and aspirations, formal planning interviews to set concrete objectives/intermediate targets, supervise research into potential interests, schedule appointments with possible career coaches, etc. Additionally, the topic of a student’s future is a constant conversation with all students.

Assist students in applying or enrolling in college


The Dean of Students assists students in preparation for further educational experiences. This includes discussing the idea of further education being important, the varieties of opportunities that are available, the criteria that different people use to evaluate/value in selecting alternatives, how to research schools and training programs, preparing for SAT/ACT/COMPASS success, application/enrollment submission, arranging for academic counseling at the college, assistance with class selection/scheduling and reviewing steps to dropping and adding classes.

Research and monitor students’ applications for scholarships and other financial aid


The Dean of Students facilitates the application and procurement of financial aid for students as they progress from CASMAN Academy to college or other further training programs. This includes researching the available local scholarships, pursuing the eligible students to verify that they have applied in timely fashions, proofreading essays, maintaining awareness among students of deadlines, assisting students in obtaining necessary adjunct documentation, reminding students to write letters of gratitude, timely submission of student names to State of Michigan grant programs, completing FAFSA forms independently with students, provide documentation to college financial aid departments and promoting further iterations of scholarship renewal by scheduling additional update/gratitude letters.


Monitor attendance


The Dean of Students checks student attendance daily, informing parents of any absences. Also maintains a running list of students’ absences to support the present attendance policy.


Act as the gatekeeper for late arrivals and early dismissals


The Dean of Students is the entry point for all students arriving and leaving at non-normal times. A written record is kept of these late arrivals and early departures, including the parent/guardian that approved them.  


Gather and compile statistics on school programs


For many of the school programs involving attendance, achievement and discipline referrals, the Dean of Students gathers data and compiles it into statistically significant forms. To this end, the Dean of Students also arranges this statistical information into easily viewed and understood visual forms for presentation to the public and requisite governmental agencies.  


Act as liaison to Court/Governmental Agencies


The Dean of Students develops and maintains a positive and open relationship between the local governmental agencies that affect student and school life. These include the local District and Family Courts, the Department of Human Services, the Social Security office, City and State police departments/posts, other secondary and postsecondary schools in the area, homeless assistance agencies, community mental health departments, health departments and members of the local Armed Forces recruiting staff, as well as others.


Maintain discipline records and retrieve for needed activities


The Dean of Students maintains the discipline records for all the students, compiling them into reports as needed for Student Support meetings, Review Board hearings or School Board Expulsion hearings, and School Improvement Meetings. The physical records of discipline incidents are maintained and retained for the requisite time frames, then securely shredded.


Plan school events-college tours, awards night, Thanksgiving, etc


Many of the special events of the school are planned and coordinated by school staff, and teams are selected for each event at the beginning of each new school year.  In addition, the Dean of Students arranges academic events such as college visits, field trips to the local community college, college information events, and Technical Education expos.


Train staff in the Responsible Thinking Process


The Dean of Students achieves and maintains an Expert level of proficiency in the Responsible Thinking Process model and with that expertise conducts periodic training to teachers and staff in basic and higher-level techniques within the model.

Currently this administrative position is part-time during the school day/calendar, and pay is currently set for $12.00/hour.  However, based upon experience, pay may be negotiated.  

Please email your resume to: svanvoorst@manistee.org
or mail to:

CASMAN Academy
225 Ninth Street
Manistee, MI 49660